Customer Service

We are here to help. Here is what to expect from our collection process.

First, you will receive a validation notice letting you know that High Mountain Collections is servicing your account, your current account balance and the name of the creditor at the time of charge-off or assignment. We will provide you the opportunity to request verification of the debt, dispute the debt or amount owed, or resolve the debt.

Next, if you contact us, we will work with you to resolve your account and treat you with respect. Depending upon your circumstances, your account may be eligible for a discount if the obligation can be resolved immediately or, if you need additional time or a lower monthly payment, a payment plan might be a better option. If you believe you have a hardship preventing your payment, call and discuss it with us. If you can substantiate social security as your only income source, hardship due to life threatening medical issues, or other types of events, we can work with you to forgive the debt or offer a grace period or extended payment plan. If you have been a victim of identity theft or fraud, we can assist you with providing the necessary documents to have your account closed.

If we are unable to resolve your account directly, we may attempt to collect your obligation by referring your account to one of our collection agency partners or law firms. They will attempt to contact you and resolve the account. We expect our collection agency partners and law firms to comply with the highest ethical standards and all applicable laws and treat consumers with respect.

At any time, you may contact High Mountain Collections or one of our collection agency partners or law firms to resolve your obligation or ask questions about your account.

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